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Graphic Design

With a BFA, and over 4 years of experience in design, I constantly strive to learn new techniques to create work not only for clients but for myself as well. The constantly changing and challenging world is one of the many things that draws me to this profession.


What started out and continues to be a hobby has also turned into a tool to be used professionally. Although mostly used for story boarding or concept art, I find time to create characters and the worlds in which they live in.

Fine Art

My minor in school has allowed me to express myself as an artist in other various mediums. I enjoy drawing and painting with charcoal, pastels, oil and acrylic paints. Like design, I enjoy the constant self critique and push and pull it takes to learn.

About ME


My Beginnings

Originally brought up on a farm in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I attended and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in graphic design and minor in studio art. I moved to Orlando in the fall of 2013 for the Disney College Program. After a fall internship, and a Disney Professional Internship in Guest Relations the following spring, I began working as a graphic designer at the agency GoConvergence here in Orlando, Florida.

My Interests

Aside from design, I have a huge passion for film. My tastes range all across the board from animated family movies all the way to foreign films from the 30's. I have a top 10, go ahead just ask. I also love meeting new people and traveling to new places all across the globe. Occasionally I will play through a few choice video games and dabble in the comic world of DC, but aside from that I try to live an active life and be as adventurous as possible.

My Goal

My goal as a person and designer is to constantly learn and grow. I want to always be moving forward, challenging myself more each time. I want to move through the world of design to become a director in the creative process and help bring other visions to life.

My Plan

My plan is to take the opportunity at a young age to do and learn as much as I can. By doing so I will make myself a more versatile candidate for future work. Giving myself deadlines and setting clear goals will keep me focused, leading to a successful life.




Designer | 2014 - Present

Working as a designer at GoConvergence has been an extraordinary learning and growing experience. I have taken the lead on several projects such as: logo development, product packaging, pitch decks, brochure designs, wireframes for desktop and mobile layouts, photo editing, and museum exhibits. In such a fast paced production environment I am able to be a part of a diverse team on a variety of projects not only throughout the week, but throughout the day as well.

Walt Disney World®

Disney Internships & Programs | 2012 - 2014

Getting to be part of a company with a massive impact and global reach was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. As an attractions and custodial castmember, I was able to have hands-on experience delivering exceptional guest service to people from all over the world. I took pride in every role making sure that my area was safe and clean at all times ensuring guests a memorable experience. I was also on the team who assisted in rolling out Disney's "My Magic +", during my time in guest relations.

Imagewest International

Senior Designer | 2013

In addition to their semester work, the Imagewest agency also travels abroad for one month every summer. In 2013, I traveled to Grantham, England to brand the manor house; Harlaxton Manor. On a much smaller team of six, and a tight deadline of four weeks, our team designed a logo, built a website, and put together a marketing plan and brand guide for a business which otherwise had none. The experience of working with an international client was one that was both challenging and rewarding.

WKU Health Services

Designer | 2012 - 2013

WKU's Health Services Clinic provided me the opportunity to take the lead on designing print and web content for marketing campaigns for the campus community. In addition to my duties as their designer, I represented the clinic at several campus health fairs, student question and answer panels, and orientation events. During that year I was also able to set up future design standards, processes, and a library of assets to ensure consistent marketing in the future.


Senior Designer | 2011

Imagewest is a student-run advertising and public relations agency at WKU. Once a semester, after going through a highly competitive interview process, a new group of 10 - 13 students are hired on as non-paid interns. During my first semester I worked with fellow team members to design effective marketing materials for clients on campus and in the surrounding community. After being asked to come back for a second semester, I then rebranded the agencies marketing and promotional materials.

Hollister Co.

Sales Associate | 2006 - 2012

The knowledge that I gained while working retail for six years has been something I have taken everywhere. For six years, I took an immense amount of pleasure and pride into making sure that customers were served with an efficient positive attitude while seeing through that the merchandise was always presented in an upstanding way. When I became the stockroom manager, I took that same work ethic and applied it to the stockroom tp ensure operations ran smoothly.

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